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Vacation Rentals: Enhance Your Income

Elite Properties, Vacation Rentals

Elite Properties offers 'Vacation Rental' services to provide owners of private homes, villas and condominiums in St. Maarten's 'Gold Coast' area additional income from their vacation properties as well as their own carefree vacations and peace of mind whether on or off the island.

You will enjoy enhanced rental income from more bookings and more repeat bookings by satisfied guests.

Plus there are no worries of coming 'home' to any unwanted surprise or unscheduled maintenance on your property. We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Vacation Rental Blue Interior, St. Maarten
Vacation Rental Blue Interior, St. Maarten
Porto Cupecoy: Original Vacation Rentals
Porto Cupecoy: Original Vacation Rentals

And beyond our Vacation Rental services, we can provide you with a one-stop, single-point of contact for all of your property maintenance, repairs, renovation, redecorating or special project needs.

Shore Pointe Vacation Rentals
Shore Pointe Vacation Rentals
Dream Vacation Rental: Porto Cupecoy
Dream Vacation Rental: Porto Cupecoy
Well researched: Sea View Vacation Rentals
Well researched: Sea View Vacation Rentals


  • With creative photos and descriptions we will position your property to attract the largest number of potential renters possible.
  • Elite Properties offers unique extra items to potential renters such as introductions and discounts at many local restaurants and a unique 400+ list of movies on DVD that may be checked out during the guest's stay.
  • We'll provide you with a list of items recommended to include in your rental property such as beach chairs, a cooler and umbrella that will also help to set your property apart from the competition.
  • 24/7 management of Vacation Rental Websites and professional immediate response to rental inquiries including regular follow up. Again ensuring the maximum number of bookings possible.

Booking And Managing Vacation Rentals

  • Professional contracts with proper deposit requirements and adherence to cancellation policies.
  • Collection of rental deposits and payments prior to the guests arrival
  • Inspection of the property to ensure that it is ready for the guests enjoyment
  • Housekeeping arrangements for each property will be arranged on an individual basis. For the owners' convenience, Elite has contracted with an outside housekeeping team. The fee for pre arrival inspection and departure inspection and cleaning services will vary depending on the size and type of property. These services will be managed by Elite.
  • Assistance is always available to your guests. Whether an emergency situation arises or a guest needs restaurant recommendations, Elite is available. Our goal is to ensure that your guest's vacation is enjoyable and that they will return to vacation at your property.
  • Departure Inspections to ensure the good condition of your property

Professional Market Analysis

  • An accurate analysis of the competition and current market conditions leads to increased income. We will recommend rental rates that will attract quality renters while maximizing your rental income.
  • This is an ongoing process. The competition and their rental success will be monitored on a constant basis to enable us to know when it's necessary to offer specials or other incentives. Again this is designed to ensure the maximum rental income.

Managing Your Property

  • Periodic property inspections to ensure your property's condition ( click here to see check list )
  • We provide monthly reports at your request and if any problem is detected that requires immediate attention, we'll contact you and handle it on your behalf.
  • All administrative duties including monthly bill payment for utilities, housekeeping services, etc.
  • Payments to other regular service people as directed by you
  • We act as your emergency contact number in your absence
  • Record keeping with detailed records of all activities, rental incomes, monthly and annual financial reports
  • Keyholder access to property as directed by owner
  • We conduct an annual inventory annually (see check list) and make recommendations for improvements/replacements to your property
  • Storm Watch services including securing your property; implementing hurricane preparedness instructions for the individual property and post storm inspection and report to you.

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