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Exclusive Buyer Services

Worldwide Management Company offers specialized services to Buyers interested in property in the Dutch and/or French Lowlands of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

After successful banking and real estate careers in the USA John Lemacks and his wife Dale Dawson have been involved in every aspect of real estate - buying, selling, building and developing - in both the French Lowlands and the Dutch Lowlands since the early 1990's.

John has gained an understanding of the complexities of these markets - the different forms of ownership, tax laws and financing details as well as an invaluable knowledge of the markets. Everyone at Elite Properties will use this knowledge and expertise to advise you every step of the way while purchasing your piece of paradise in St. Maarten/St. Martin, helping to expedite the process and side step any potential pitfalls.

Real estate transactions are different in St. Maarten. In the United States and some parts of Europe we're used to an organized MLS system which makes it easy to understand the market and the values. Here there is no organized system listing everything that is for sale or of recording market transactions. Therefore, it's difficult to know what properties are available and no single one source to find them. Once again John and everyone at Elite Properties will put their experience and market knowledge to work for you. We're in this marketplace everyday - in fact this is the only marketplace we focus on. When you are seriously looking for a perfect spot in the Lowlands - whether for your own home, vacation home or rental investment - you can count on us to find it for you.

But finding it is just the start. Due to the nature of the St. Maarten/St. Martin market it is also very difficult to find enough information on past sales and real values which is critical to knowing that you are buying at the right price. Elite Properties will advise you regarding values based on its years of experience and intimate knowledge of the markets on both the French side and the Dutch side.

And obviously another important part of any real estate transaction is the closing process. Over the years John has gained the respect of and worked closely with all of the professionals you will need to complete your successful transaction - in either country.

If you'd like to put us to work for you please contact us to discuss your particular needs and desires.

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